Tversover Consulting offers the following services:

Keynotes and other presentations
We have held more than 500 presentations all over the world, on topics such as business strategy, leadership, technology management, IT-management, innovation, teaching, presentation technique and future technology developments.

Facilitation of strategic discussions
We have extensive experience in facilitating strategy discussions in companies of all sizes. Discreet service, well prepared discussion, from small groups to conference-style seminars.

Enter Norway/export from Norway
We have helped technology companies enter Norway as a market, and Norwegian companies go abroad – especially to English-speaking countries.

Strategy evaluation and design
We have evaluated strategies on behalf of boards and senior management teams, and helped design technical strategies

Coaching/personal advice
Subject to availability, we provide personal advice/coaching for executives who need to respond to technology initiatives, evaluate technology strategies, give talks on technology issues or present technologies to lay audiences.

Subject to availability, we fulfill writing assignments on technological and strategic issues.

Board positions
Subject to availability and conflicts of interest, we fill positions on corporate boards and technology and strategy advisory boards.

Please contact us for further information (post@tversoverconsulting.com, +47 4641 0452)